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order pet portrait

Why Order a Handpainted
Pet Portrait?

Unique gift for yourself or someone special

✔ Keeps precious memories of
your beloved pet alive

Original artwork, not any ordinary photograph

Wonderful keepsake

"A house is not a home
without a pet."

“Animals are such agreeable friends-they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”


From Ordinary Photos to Original Pet Art

Capture Your Pet's Likeness in Custom Pet Portraits &
Pencil Drawings

stylo pet art
... Because Your Pet Is Special

Having the likeness and personality of your pet "immortalized" in
original pet portraits and
pet pencil drawings
is a unique way to remember your pet or celebrate his or her importance in your life.

For animal lovers,

Pet Portraits simply,

Make Perfect Gifts!

Welcome to Stylo Pet Art.

Hello. My name is Keat Cheong - I am a pet portrait artist from Singapore.

Creating original pet art
from ordinary photographs is truly a labour of love. You need skill and a lot of patience. But seeing the faces of pet owners light up when they receive their pet portraits - makes all the "hard work" worthwhile for me.

Your pet portrait is a treasured art piece

Original pet portrait paintings or pencil drawings of your beloved pet do become treasured
art pieces and rightfully take the pride of place in your home. Besides, pet portraits
great conversation starters and they bring immeasurable pride and joy to pet owners. Best of all,
the original pet art is yours to keep and treasure forever!

Order a Pet Portrait and preserve lasting memories of your pet.

Steps to ordering a pet portrait:

Every pet portrait is 100% hand-drawn or hand-painted

It can take many hours, days and weeks to paint or draw a pet portrait. All pet portraits are lovingly hand-drawn or hand-painted by pet portrait artist Keat, with every effort made to bring out the unique sparkle in your pet.

A beautifully painted original piece of pet art or pet portrait will bring you many hours of delight and a lifetime of memories.

When You Order a Custom Pet Portrait, you are giving a truly unique gift.

pet portrait artist keat cheong

Original pet portraits from Singapore pet portrait artist Keat: graphite pet pencil drawings, coloured pencil drawings, oil pet portraits