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order pet portrait

Why Order a Handpainted
Pet Portrait?

Unique gift for yourself or someone special

✔ Keeps precious memories of
your beloved pet alive

Original artwork, not any ordinary photograph

Wonderful keepsake

"A house is not a home
without a pet."

“Animals are such agreeable friends-they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”


Contact Pet Portrait Artist

I hope you have enjoyed browsing through stylopetart.com. If you are thinking of commissioning an original pet art for a special occasion or have a question, just send me an email.

If you have ordered a pet portrait, submit your choice photos to submitphoto@stylopetart.com.

Alternatively, you can use the enquiry form below:


What is your choice of medium for your pet portrait?

Who is the pet portrait for?

Select the size for your pet portrait:

(for pencil drawings only)
(for pencil drawings only)

What is your preferred background for the portrait?