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order pet portrait

Why Order a Handpainted
Pet Portrait?

Unique gift for yourself or someone special

✔ Keeps precious memories of
your beloved pet alive

Original artwork, not any ordinary photograph

Wonderful keepsake

"A house is not a home
without a pet."

“Animals are such agreeable friends-they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”


How to Order a Pet Portrait

From Photo to Original Pet Art

Follow these simple steps to order your pet portrait from stylopetart:

Take close up pet photos

1. Select the photo of your pet

Be sure to choose a clear, sharp and high-resolution photo. At least 1 MB in file size.
The quality of the artwork is dependent on the quality of the photo. The sharper the photo, the greater the detail, the better.

When taking photographs of your pet, remember these five tips:

Take closeup shots - Get up close to capture your pet's face and expressions. Use a zoom lens if you can't get close to your pet. Switch to the Tv mode or shutter speed mode if your pet is always moving and cannot keep still.

Keep the eyes sharp - The eyes say a lot about your pet's personality. Focus on the eyes - and snap!

Get down on their level - Take photos at their level, not looking down or looking up - unless that's the pose that you want for the pet portrait, i.e. with your pet looking up at you.

Think of the pose - ask yourself these questions:

- Would you want your pet to be looking up or looking at you in the portrait?

- What's your pet's personality and what pose would best capture his or her uniqueness?

For e.g., if your pet is always sleeping, how about taking a photograph of your pet resting in his favorite spot? If your pet is always begging for food, why not snap a shot of your pet in a begging pose? If you only want a portrait of your pet's most striking features, then take a tightly-cropped photo of your pet's face.

Be sure that the photograph you choose for the commissioned pet portrait is copyright-free.

Avoid using flash - Flash often distorts the color of the image, causing bright spots and unnatural red-eye problems. Photograph your pet in natural light. If yours is a white animal, try to under-expose the picture slightly so that the white will not turn out overly white. Similarly, for very dark animals, over-expose the picture slightly so that the picture will not turn out too dark. Clarity and details are important in a good pet photo. The pet portrait artist needs them to create quality pet art.

2. Decide on the medium

Graphite pencil drawings are great for fine, sharp details and for highlighting your pet's unique features such as the eyes and nose -but minus the distraction of colour.

Coloured pencil drawings are ideal for bringing out the vibrancy and illuminosity of colours in your pet.

Oil portrait is excellent for a long-lasting keepsake. The versatility of oil means the pet portrait can be painted in different styles - realistic, impressionistic or pop art style.

3. Decide on the size of the pet portrait

Standard sizes are: 8" x 10", 10" x 10" ( squarish), 9" x 12" (A4, elongated), 12" x 16" (A3, elongated). I find these sizes most suitable for fine, detailed drawings and paintings. Contact portrait artist Keat for larger portrait sizes.

4. Decide if you would like to add a scenic background

All pet portraits come with a plain background. Adding a background costs more, depending on the portrait size and medium. Enquire when ordering your pet portrait.

5. Pay 50% deposit

A 50% non-refundable deposit is needed as painting materials cost money and quality materials are expensive.

You will receive an invoice for the 50% advance. Payment is by cash or cheque for Singapore commissions. For overseas commissions, payment will be by PayPal.

Finished portrait will be despatched after you have paid the remaining balance.

6. Send your pet photo (s) to submitphoto@stylopetart.com. For digital photos, use large -size jpg files (at least 1 MB). Put your name on the subject line. You could send 1 to 3 photos, but indicate which is your preference. After deciding on the photo for the portrait, work will begin.

7. Watch progress of your pet portrait

You can see work-in-progress images of your pet portrait on the blog or via email (if you are planning to make the portrait a surprise).

Once the pet portrait is finished, you will receive a small digital image of the drawing or painting via email. Proceed to pay the 50% balance. Once the payment is cleared, you will receive the completed pet portrait.

8. A word about copyright

Commissioned pet portraits are sold for personal use only.

Your purchase buys the artwork itself, but not the right to reproduce it in any medium, for distribution or for any commerical use. Pet portrait artist Keat Cheong retains all reproduction rights to the artwork, including prints. Any reproduction of the artwork for financial gain and commercial use is strictly not allowed. If you would like prints of the finished portraits,
let me know.

9. Personal guarantee

Each commissioned pet portrait is 100% hand-drawn or hand-painted by pet portrait
artist Keat.

Order a pet portrait today because it truly makes a timeless and unique gift.

Thank you for visiting stylopetart. I hope to hear from you soon!

pet portrait artist keat

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