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order pet portrait

Why Order a Handpainted
Pet Portrait?

Unique gift for yourself or someone special

✔ Keeps precious memories of
your beloved pet alive

Original artwork, not any ordinary photograph

Wonderful keepsake

"A house is not a home
without a pet."

“Animals are such agreeable friends-they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.”


About Singapore Pet Portrait Artist Keat

From Photo to Art, Lifelike Pet Portraits Celebrate Your Pet's Life!

pet portrait artist keat cheong Welcome to stylopetart.com!

My name is Keat Cheong (but just call me Keat) and I am a pet portrait artist from Singapore.

Being a pet portrait artist gives me the freedom to do what I enjoy: creating by hand, lifelike pet portraits for people who love their pets.

These could be oil paintings, graphite pencil drawings or coloured pencil drawings. But each piece of art work is hand-drawn or painted with a lot of care and love.


From Photo to Art

I create photo-realistic pet portraits from your favourite photographs. The passion grew from my love for animals, and an interest in drawing and painting dog portraits and cat portraits.

Having a pet portrait drawn or painted is a unique way of capturing your pet's likeness and personality in a keepsake that will last a long time. A pet portrait is also a special way of paying tribute to memories shared.

How I became a pet portrait artist in Singapore

I pursued art 'late' in life, but friends at school still remember me as "the one who can draw."

Having had a taste of various careers, from tour guiding to journalism, corporate communications and training, I feel blessed to be able to do what I love - especially in Singapore where life moves at breathneck speed. Besides being a professional business writer and web writer, I am a pet portrait artist. Both preoccupations give me many hours of pleasure, challenge and fulfillment.

london art college

I am a self-taught artist who doodled my way through school and university, and studied
pet portraiture
from the London Art College. This art school is retro-chic. It has been around for over 80 years - since 1931! Look at this nostalgic picture of the college in the old days.

No two portraits of the same pet will look alike. Every pet portrait artist will have his or her own unique style. If you like my style of painting and drawing, and would like to commission a pet portrait as a gift for yourself or for a friend, why not order a pet portrait?

To bring out the unique sparkle of every pet in every portrait is my goal.

I hope you will decide to do something special to capture the special bond between
you and your pet. Having a pet portrait commissioned is one of the best tributes you can give to a loyal friend and companion.

Order a Pet Portrait and Keep Lasting Memories of Your Special Pet.

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